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Sciences Po

Sciences Po, founded in 1872, is an international research university located in Saint Germain-des-Prés (Paris), with six additional regional campuses in historic cities throughout France. Sciences Po prides itself on being one of the world’s best places to study the social sciences.

Number of Spots for Yale-NUS Students per semester: 4-5

Due to the enthusiastic interest in study abroad and the volume of inquiries that we receive, if you have any questions, please read the Semester Study Abroad FAQs carefully first. And if you have further questions unanswered in the FAQs, feel free to contact Wai Yee at

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Fields of Study

Yale-NUS students are able to take common core social sciences courses – law, economics, history, political science and sociology – as well as specialised courses according to the specific regional campus focus:

  • Central and Eastern Europe in Dijon
  • ​​Middle-East and Mediterranean in Menton (includes courses in English)
  • ​Europe & Franco-German Region in Nancy
  • ​​Latin America in Poitiers
  • General curriculum in Paris (includes courses in English)
  • ​Africa and North America in Reims (includes courses in English)

Students should decide on which campus they would like to attend and inform the International Programmes advisor of their choice upon being selected by CIPE.

*Please note that unfortunately it is not possible for Yale-NUS students to attend the Le Havre campus, as this campus only accepts year-long exchange students.

Language of Instruction

Depending on the campus, students can take courses in English and in French, as well as French language classes. An “English track” of courses is available at the Reims and Menton campuses. A good number of courses in English can also be found on the Paris campus.

Full Course Load (Required Number of Credits)


Students are required to take the full course load at the host institution, which will be equivalent to 20 MCs upon successful completion of credit transfer procedures back at Yale-NUS College.

Academic Calendar

Fall Semester: Aug. to Dec.

Spring Semester: Jan. to May

For detailed semester dates, click here.

CAP Requirement


If you are interested in studying abroad at this institution and currently have a CAP below 3.5, please contact a member of the CIPE International Programmes team.

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