Semester Study Abroad

Semester Credit Transfer

Students who undertake semester study abroad programmes are expected to complete a full load at the host institution and can transfer credits back.

Credit Transfer Procedure

Please note that credit transfer is not automatic.

All students who have been approved by CIPE for semester study abroad and accepted by the host institution have to go through the following procedure to obtain their credit transfer. Students should liaise with the respective International Programmes Adviser based on the regions listed below. The International Programmes Adviser will check and submit the correctly completed forms to Registry for processing.

Registry requires the credit transfer forms to be complete, accurate and legitimate. This process can take several days to complete, as you are required to get signatures from faculty members who may need time to review your courses and determine equivalencies. Do not wait until the last minute to approach the faculty and please check that the faculty have filled in the form correctly. Ensure that the faculty’s input is in line with the requirements under Majors and Minors at Yale-NUS College in order to be accepted by Registry.

Any inaccuracy/delay in submission will result in a delay in the processing/updating of your record. Due to the number of students involved, the forms are submitted by batches to Registry for processing. If you do not submit your form by the deadline, you will miss the first round of processing, and there will be a delay in posting your credits to your Yale-NUS transcript. Once the forms have been submitted, Registry still needs time to process the forms, verify with you on any information that they have questions about and update your records in the system.

Students who want to retag credits that have already been transferred should approach Registry directly. For example, a student initially chooses to count credits towards electives unrelated to the major/minor and CIPE processes the credit transfer accordingly. The student subsequently declares/changes major and wants to count those credits toward the major instead. This is a case of retagging and the student has to work with Registry. The required post credit transfer module reclassification request form can be found here in the student portal.


Graham LINK      Wai Yee LEONG
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Middle East
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Africa
  • Multi-Country Programmes


  • Upon acceptance by host institution
  • Upon enrolment at host institution
  • Upon return to Yale-NUS

Please download: Semester course planning form_revised

For faculty approval
1. Research and propose courses to be taken at the host institution
2. List, classify and indicate course requirements fulfilled by the proposed courses
3. Obtain the conditional approval and signature of Head of Studies for the discipline if planning to count towards major/minor

Complete the form and keep for your own reference. You can also just correspond with the faculty via email in lieu of the form.