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University College Freiburg

University College Freiburg (UCF), founded in 2012 by the University of Freiburg, is a small liberal arts college in Freiburg, Germany. The College has a yearly intake of 80 students, and currently has a total of about 300 students from over 40 countries. UCF is part of the comprehensive University of Freiburg, which has 25,000 students.

The four-year, English-taught Bachelor program in Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) is UCF’s major offering. It emphasizes a broad interdisciplinary education, while at the same time providing for individualized academic concentrations on a high academic level. Similar to Yale-NUS, the LAS program at UCF offers a Core Curriculum, which all degree students must take. The Core encompasses basic and advanced academic skills, philosophical and descriptive reflections on knowledge and science, and a curriculum on Responsibility and Leadership. Offering four interdisciplinary majors (Earth and Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences, Governance, Culture and History) and a wide variety of electives, UCF provides students with interdisciplinary learning and small class sizes.

Number of Spots for Yale-NUS Students per semester: 2 in Semester 2 only (not available in Semester 1)

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Fields of Study

For the Liberal Arts and Sciences, majors offered are Culture and History (Humanities), Governance (Social Sciences), Life Sciences (Natural Sciences), and Earth and Environmental Sciences (Natural Sciences).

The UCF Course Catalog can be found here.

Language of Instruction

The language of instruction at UCF is English. Exchange students can also take German language courses and have the option of taking courses at the comprehensive University of Freiburg, which are generally taught in German at the undergraduate level.

Full Course Load (Required Number of Credits)


Students are required to take the full course load at the host institution, which will be equivalent to 20 MCs upon successful completion of credit transfer procedures back at Yale-NUS College.

Academic Calendar

Winter Semester: Mid October to early February (Yale-NUS students cannot attend the Winter Semester, because it overlaps with the start of Semester 1 at Yale-NUS.

Summer Semester: Mid April to late July (Yale-NUS can nominate students to go on exchange to UCF during Sem 2 at Yale-NUS, which is called “Summer Semester” at UCF.)

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CAP Requirement


If you are interested in studying abroad at this institution and currently have a CAP below 3.5, please contact a member of the CIPE International Programmes team.

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