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University College Utrecht

Utrecht University, established in 1636, stands as one of the oldest, largest, and most reputable research universities in both the Netherlands and Europe. In the 2014 Academic Ranking of World Universities, it placed 16th in Europe and 57th worldwide. Known for its emphasis on international engagement and the ready availability of programmes in English (whether at the undergraduate and graduate levels), Utrecht University numbers among its faculty and alumni 12 Nobel laureates and 13 Spinoza Prize winners.

Yale-NUS students will spend the semester at University College Utrecht (UCU), the international honors college within the University. UCU is like Yale-NUS in many ways: it is small (at present it enrolls just 710 students), internationally diverse (58 nationalities are represented; those holding only Dutch nationality compose 59% of the student population), and strongly centered on the vision of a liberal arts education.

Number of Spots for Yale-NUS Students per semester: 2 – 3

Due to the enthusiastic interest in study abroad and the volume of inquiries that we receive, if you have any questions, please read the Semester Study Abroad FAQs carefully first. And if you have further questions unanswered in the FAQs, feel free to contact Beth at

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Fields of Study

Yale-NUS students are eligible to enroll in all fields in the departments of the Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences. Some courses, however, are competitive. For this reason, during course selection, students elect four courses as well as four alternates (in the event that any of the first four are full.) Further, lab courses as well as most language courses (except Dutch) will not be available to visiting students.

For more information on course offerings, click here.

Please take note of the following information when considering courses to take:

100 level Introductory courses are open to all students

200 level Intermediate courses have 100-level prerequisites needed in order to enroll

300 level Advanced courses have 100 and 200-level prerequisites needed in order to enroll

Language of Instruction


Relevant Academic Information 

UCU provides each incoming exchange-student with a tutor for academic assistance throughout the semester.

Students must maintain the minimum academic performance requirement (an average GPA of 3.0 on 1.0 – 4.0 scale) in order to stay in the program.

Academic Calendar

Fall Semester: Aug. 29th – Dec. 16th

Spring Semester: Jan. 23rd – May 12th

Details of the academic calendar can be found here.