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Yale University, located in New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A., is a private research university founded in 1701. Composed of twelve schools and colleges, the university has a total enrollment of about 11,250 students. Yale College, the undergraduate liberal arts college at which Yale-NUS students will be hosted, enrolls about 5,400 students.

Yale is regarded as one of the best universities in the world. It is consistently placed among the very top institutions in various rankings. Apart from its distinguished faculty, alumni and research, Yale’s robust and vibrant undergraduate student life experience – centered on the residential college system – stands as one of its chief hallmarks. Living in one of 12 residential colleges, Yale-NUS students who spend a semester at Yale will be fully integrated into campus life.

Number of Spots for Yale-NUS Students: 16 spots in Sem 1 & 16 spots in Sem 2

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Fields of Study

Yale-NUS students will be able to enroll in a wide array of classes offered through Yale College. The most updated course catalog may be found here.

Language of Instruction


Full Course Load (Required Number of Credits)

4 credits

Students are required to take the full course load at the host institution, which will be equivalent to 20 MCs upon successful completion of credit transfer procedures back at Yale-NUS College.

Things to Consider when Picking Classes 

Course numbers do not necessarily have anything to do with whether or not courses are advanced. Some departments group their courses by subject matter, resulting in the number having no bearing on the relation of its difficulty. More precise indications about the level of a course may be found in the introduction to each department’s entry in the YCPS (Yale College Programmes of Study) and sometimes in subheads (“Introductory,” “Intermediate,” “Advanced,” etc.) in the course listings.

Also, Yale has what is referred to as a “shopping period.” During this two-week period, students can participate in courses that interest them without enrolling in them right away. If a student decides to take a certain course,  he or she then proceeds with the formal enrollment process within this two week period. Please be aware that classes conducted during the first two weeks of the term are regular, full-fledged classes with readings and homework. Be prepared to keep up with assignments and participate in classes you wish to shop.

Available Resources

Yale-NUS students will be provided a residential college dean, and academic adviser, peer liaison, and resident fellow to assist them in their academic and social adjustment to their new environment. Yale also offers numerous academic support programmes to further assist student in various capacities. These programmes include the Writing Centre, the Science and Quantitative Reasoning Center, the Centre for Language Study, the Resource Office on Disabilities, and the Centre for International and Professional Experience.

Academic Calendar

Fall Semester: Aug to Dec

Spring Semester: Jan to May

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CAP Requirement


If you are interested in studying abroad at this institution and currently have a CAP below 3.5, please contact a member of the CIPE International Programmes team.


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