Summer Study Abroad

From learning Japanese in Nagoya to studying French cinema in Paris, summers are an ideal time to acquire fluency in a foreign language or take classes otherwise not offered at Yale-NUS. Click on the different links below to explore the enriching summer opportunities offered through CIPE International Programmes. Students are also free to apply for self-funded summer programmes independently. Please refer to our Summer Opportunities FAQ. Click here for details of insurance coverage for official trips under the “travel insurance” tab.

Yale-NUS Summer Institute in Global Strategy and Leadership
Yale Summer Session Abroad
Yale Summer Session in New Haven
Chinese Language Scholarship Funded by the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation
Spanish Language Scholarship
Summer Language Scholarship
Summer Academic Scholarship
Summer Arts Scholarship

Writing Resource

Wondering what the review committee is looking for in an application? Check out our summer scholarship application tips. It has the essence of what we share with students in advising sessions.

Overview of application to host institution

All students are responsible for applying directly to the programme and any relevant visa. Please check with the host institution on the visa they need you to apply for and if they have any condition, such as you doing a certain number of credits. If the host institution requires a transcript in their programme application, you have to obtain it yourself. Click here for the ways to get an unofficial and official transcript with the cost and processing time.

Approved Programmes

As a few batches of students have gone on summer programmes and petitioned for them, a number of programmes have been approved and subsequent students going for the same programme do not need to petition again. These programmes have been vetted by a committee comprising faculty and CIPE administrators, i.e. credit transfer has been approved. Click here for a list of approved programmes.

Petition Programmes

If a programme is not in the approved list and you want to know whether credit can be transferred, you need to submit a petition. The review committee has to approve a programme for credit transfer before CIPE administers the credit conversion. The committee requires information on syllabus, instruction hours and assessment mode etc to make a decision. Depending on when students can provide the required information to CIPE, students may participate in the summer programme before knowing the committee’s decision as the committee meets twice a year, usually in March and October. Click here for the online petition form, which you can use to apply for both summer and semester academic programs.

Overview of credit transfer procedure

Please note that credit transfer is not automatic. Students can choose not to transfer credit but those who want to transfer credit have to go through the following procedure, regardless of whether they have gone on a summer programme through CIPE’s scholarship or as an independent applicant and whether it is for an approved or petition programme.

Upon return to Yale-NUS

Submit the host institution official transcript to CIPE as soon as you have it. Upon completion of the summer programme, students are responsible to liaise with the host institution and ensure that the transcript reaches CIPE. If the host institution’s transcript does not reach CIPE two months after the completion of the programme, it is recommended that students send a reminder to the host institution.

Credit can be transferred only if the transcript has a grade and preferably number of credits. 

In the case of summer programs, credits are transferred either according to the number of credits earned at your host institution (as a fraction of a full load at that institution), or according to the number of coursework hours completed, if no credits were granted. Please note that you cannot receive more than 10MCs for a summer program.

From Fall 2019 onwards, we are moving the credit transfer process to an online platform. There are two separate online forms (links below), depending on whether you intend to transfer only general ‘elective’ credit, or also intend to transfer credit toward your major or minor. You should only submit one form, with semester and summer courses on the same form. The deadline for submission of both forms is November 1, 2019, 5PM.

After submitting your form, CIPE will review your proof of credit and determine the number of Yale-NUS MCs to allocate each course. If you are only transferring elective credit, then this is the end of the process. If you are also transferring major or minor credit, then your submission will be redirected to the Head(s) of Studies whose info you enter on the form.

If you are transferring major or minor credit, your respective Head of Studies (for that major or minor) will need to determine which requirement(s) your course(s) will fulfil at Yale-NUS. You will be able to enter your major/minor Head of Studies’ info on the form landing page. Please note that if you are only transferring credit toward your major, or only toward your minor, then for the other, unfilled Head of Studies section, you should fill in the CIPE email listed on the form.

If you are only transferring elective credit, then you do not need to consult your major or minor Head of Studies.

You will require some proof of credit to complete this online form, such as an unofficial or official transcript, or a screenshot of your grades from an online portal. If you have your official transcript (scan of original or PDF), please upload it. If you do not upload your official transcript (either scan or PDF), we will be in touch to let you know whether we require it from you. CIPE has already received many transcripts from summer and semester abroad, so we will append those on your behalf, and contact you if your form is still missing an official transcript by November 1, 2019.

All inquiries about credit transfer should be sent to the CIPE Credit Transfer inbox.

Links to Credit Transfer Forms (Fall 2019 Cycle):

Form for Elective Credit ONLY

Form for Major, Minor, or Elective Credit

Students who want to retag credits that have already been transferred should approach Registry directly. For example, a student initially chooses to count credits towards electives unrelated to the major/minor and CIPE processes the credit transfer accordingly. The student subsequently declares/changes major and wants to count those credits toward the major instead. This is a case of retagging and the student has to work with Registry. The required post credit transfer module reclassification request form can be found here in the student portal.