Visiting Student Programme

COVID-19 Update as of 15 March 2021

Due to the global COVID-19 situation, Yale-NUS College has suspended our international exchange and visiting student programmes for Semester 1 of Academic Year (AY) 2021/2022. While Yale-NUS will not be able to receive international visiting students, we are accepting applications from Singapore citizens, Singapore permanent residents and Dependent’s Pass holders in Singapore, provided that they have obtained approval from their home institutions (non-partner institutions) to attend a credit-bearing visiting semester at the College.

  • Student applicants are expected to attend classes at Yale-NUS College in person, in accordance with prevailing COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Student applicants should expect to commute from their own residence in Singapore to campus – correspondingly, the room and board will not be included as part of the applicable fees found below.
  • Applications are open from 17 March 2021 to 16 April 2021 for Semester 1 of AY 2021/2022 and information about the application can be found below.
  • For the Exchange Student Programme (applicable to students from partner institutions), please refer to the information here instead.

Yale-NUS College invites students to study on our campus for a semester or full academic year. Gain experience, meet new people and take advantage of all the opportunities available in vibrant, cosmopolitan Singapore.

In addition to academics in Singapore’s first liberal arts and sciences college, as a visiting student you will have access to a wide variety of programmes and services, including our athletic and leisure facilities. If you need support and guidance through your time at Yale-NUS, we have a team of residential staff ready to help.

If your home institution has an exchange agreement with Yale-NUS, click here for information on our Exchange Student Programme.

Academics at Yale-NUS

Applicants should meet the minimum academic performance requirement: an average GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent.Visiting students will take 18-22 modular credits (MCs) per semester at Yale-NUS, which is considered a full load. This usually means four courses per semester, each worth 5 MCs.

In principle, all Yale-NUS courses are open to visiting students, as long as the student has taken any required pre-requisites for a given course. Common Curriculum courses and courses offered at NUS may be possible on a case-by-case basis. Note that it can be difficult to get spots in NUS courses, and each NUS course is worth 4 MCs (versus 5 MCs for Yale-NUS courses).

Tentative course listing – for reference only:

Please note that course offerings differ by semester and that the above course listings are subject to change. Students are required to be flexible and have multiple course options in mind. Updated course listings will be provided following acceptance to Yale-NUS College. Grading is on an A-F scale. Grade points are on a 5.0 scale as follows:

Letter GradeGrade Point

Learning Beyond the Classroom

The International Programmes team at the Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE) is available for general advising, while the Assistant Deans in each residential college provide exchange students with academic advising.

Visiting students may be eligible to apply for select opportunities through CIPE. These opportunities are not guaranteed. Spots are limited and highly competitive.

Research opportunities with Yale-NUS faculty: Exchange students are not allowed to take paid positions but may participate in voluntary research if selected by a professor at Yale-NUS.

Learning Across Boundaries (LABs): Students attending Yale-NUS in the spring semester are eligible to apply for Summer LABs. If selected, exchange students are responsible for all associated costs.

Summer Internships in Southeast Asia: Students attending Yale-NUS in the spring semester are eligible to apply for CIPE summer internships in the Southeast Asia region. If selected, exchange students are responsible for arranging their own visa/work authorisation and for covering all costs associated with the internship.

Visiting students holding student passes are not allowed to engage in any part-time employment in Singapore during the semester.

Housing and Student Life

Visiting students will be placed in one of Yale-NUS College’s three residential colleges. Each student will have a single room within a four- or six-room suite (including shared living room and bathroom). Suites are single gender, unless otherwise requested. Students will also have a meal plan, which includes 19 meals per week (three meals on weekdays and two meals per day on Saturday and Sunday). Yale-NUS College is fully residential and all exchange and visiting students must live on campus.

A housing questionnaire will be included in the acceptance package, sent by the Dean of Students Office.

Gym facilities are also available on campus.

Yale-NUS is academically rigorous. Students should expect to dedicate a lot of time to reading and assignments and to actively engage in discussions both inside and outside the classroom.

Visiting students can take part in student events and get involved with a wide range of student organisations.

Click here for more information about the Yale-NUS residential life experience.

For more information on student life and a list of student organisations, please visit the Dean of Students website:

Academic Calendar

Semester 1: Orientation in early August, classes from mid August, and exams in early December

Semester 2: Orientation in early January, classes from mid January, and exams in early May

Visiting students will be provided an orientation upon arrival.

For the detailed calendar, please visit the Yale-NUS website:

Tuition and Fees

The following is a reference on the amounts of mandatory fees for visiting students.

DurationAmountType of Fee
One SemesterSGD$40,390Tuition
One SemesterSGD$4,525Room & Board
Two SemestersSGD$80,780Tuition
Two SemestersSGD$9,050Room & Board
Per SemesterSGD$76.97Student Services Fee (SSF)
SGD$68.35Health Service Fee (HSF)

Fall semester fees are due at the end of August, and spring semester fees are due at the end of January. Students will be billed automatically by Yale-NUS College and can access the bill online via the student portal.

Yale-NUS College is unable to provide financial aid to visiting and exchange students.

*Exact amounts for miscellaneous fees are subject to change and are to be paid after arrival in Singapore, during the registration process.

Student Health

Visiting students are covered under the health insurance provided by NUS. Health insurance is included in the miscellaneous student fees outlined above. For more information on insurance coverage, please refer to this section on Full-Time Non-Graduating Students.

Students who encounter medical emergencies and/or physical injuries are encouraged to visit the nearby University Health Centre or National University Hospital.

The Counselling Centre together with the Wellness unit of the Dean of Students Office oversee the well-being and mental health of students at Yale-NUS College. This includes providing services and resources to manage and reduce stress, and establishing the foundation for a community of care.

English Language Requirement

For visiting students who are not native English speakers and are not currently studying in English, the following requirements should be met:


The following minimum scores are required:

100 on the internet-based TOEFL
600 on the paper-based TOEFL
250 on the computer-based TOEFL


Minimum of 7


How to apply

To come to Yale-NUS College as a visiting student, you will need to complete the visiting student application form found below. Applicants are required to enter the details of their study abroad coordinators in their application. Upon receiving an email notification, coordinators will then confirm the home institution’s approval through the application platform.

Application deadlines for visiting students

The Yale-NUS online application for visiting students is due on 16 April 2021 for Fall 2021.