Week 7 and Learning Across Boundaries

Distinctive experiential learning opportunities developed in collaboration with Yale-NUS College faculty.
Week 7 and Learning Across Boundaries

What are Learning Across Boundaries (LABs)?

LABs are faculty-led experiential learning projects of short duration, developed in collaboration with CIPE. LABs allow faculty to share their scholarship with students outside of the classroom and create an opportunity for students to explore the curriculum in broader, real-world contexts.

What are
Week 7 LABs?

Week 7 LABs are faculty-led experiential learning projects of up to one week that draw on themes of the Common Curriculum. Week 7 LAB projects enable students to engage new perspectives, interact with practitioners and professionals, challenge assumptions and make connections between classroom learning and real-world experiences. Week 7 LABs culminates in a symposium where first-year students present what they have learned to the larger Yale-NUS community.

As a flagship programme, Week 7 LABs emphasises experiential and interdisciplinary learning, as well as innovative pedagogy, which forms the core of the Yale-NUS experience. Check out our featured projects to read about how faculty are taking the curriculum outside the classroom in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

What are Spring & Summer LABs?

Spring & Summer LABs are faculty-led experiential learning projects of short duration, held during spring break or for a period of one week to 10 days during the semester breaks. While Week 7 LABs draw on the themes of the first-year Common Curriculum, Spring & Summer LABs are skills-based programmes based on faculty teaching interests, faculty research, or professional pathways. The Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE) typically runs between four and five LABs in an academic year.

Spring LABs are open for first- to fourth- year students at Yale-NUS, including exchange and visiting students enrolled in the College during semester two. Summer LABs are open for first- to third- year students from Yale-NUS College and Yale University. CIPE reserves up to two seats per LAB for eligible Yale applicants.

Featured Spring & Summer LAB Projects
China's Rise and the Future of ASEAN

In the context of the rise of China and the decline of United States (US) leadership in the region, organisations such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have shown their potential in shaping the geopolitics and economics of the region.

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Our See of Islands: Creative Arts and Social Engagement in Okinawa

This LAB was an experiential journey through creative arts in the context of Okinawan culture and history.

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London: City in Transition

This LAB provided students with an opportunity to experience a large global city and to see it through a historical and urban studies framework.

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Public Health and Refugees in Transition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On this LAB, students learned about the public health challenges faced by refugees and health professionals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Visual Anthropology & Journalism Masterclass: Obscura Festival

This Visual Anthropology LAB was developed by Yale-NUS instructor Tom White in partnership with documentary photographer Ian Teh, working alongside Vignes Balasingham, Director of the Obscura Festival of Photography.

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Al-Andalus, Andalucía and National Identity in Southern Spain

Participants on this LAB explored how the Moorish conquest of and rule over the Iberian peninsula for seven centuries shaped Andalucía and the country as a whole.

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Resources for faculty

Collaborations with faculty form the foundation of every LAB. Please reach out if you would like to develop your idea into a LAB proposal.

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